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Jason Hammer's Blog About All Things SQL

Wherein I pass on the knowledge, standing on the shoulders of SQL giants
Microsoft Announces SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft just announced SQL Server 2008 R2 which looks to greatly expand on the existing SQL Server 2008 platform.

Some of the benefits mentioned:

  • Support for more than 64 logical processors to take advantage of multi-core technologies
  • New extensions to allow for application and multi-server management
  • Master Data Services for a centralized approach to defining, deploying, and managing master data
  • Addins for Excel & Sharepoint (and Sharepoint Management Console)
  • Enhanced data models to allow  for more powerful ad-hoc reporting 

All together it looks like there are some exciting features that focus on server consolidation, enterprise-wide management & advances in reporting and data access.

The CTP will be available this summer. For registration and more info, follow the link.

Tweet-SQL: Use the Twitter API with SQL Server

A new application called Tweet-SQL was just released yesterday. It allows the use of the Twitter API with standard T-SQL. It works with SQL Server 2005 and above.

I have downloaded a 30 day trial and I'm playing around with it now. I already have a couple of neat ideas I want to try.

If you want to see the twitter feed where I'm testing this out, go here: twitter.com/jasontweetsql

SQL Server 2008 has RTMed and is available on MSDN!
I'm downloading it now.
All I Really Need To Know About SQL Server I Learned From D&D

Gary Gygax passed away today, and I am reminded of something I said a few years ago. Playing Dungeons & Dragons inspired me to become a database developer, not even playing really. Actually, my favorite parts of the game were setting up a new campaign, working with the lists and categorizing monsters, crunching the performance statistics of different equipment, and setting up the random characteristics of a new warrior. By the time I had a game ready, I wanted to skip the actual playing and build another. (I still played of course: I wasn't completely devoid of all social interaction.)

But my fascination with all of this is really the first time I realized I love playing with data. Today, I love modeling the data into tables and their relationships, mining the data, and developing the processes that affect that data. These things are still as fun and exciting to me today as rolling that 20-sided die on the playground table behind the school building, lo those many years ago. So in honor of Mr.Gygax, I give my thanks for that early inspiration.

What inspired you to be in the field you are today?


This is my first post here on vsteamsystemcentral.com and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jason Hammer. Currently, I am a Database Administrator \ Database Developer in Fort Worth, TX. I have worked with SQL Server for over ten years now and my having a blog is looong overdue. Hopefully I have learned enough, that you getsomething from what I share, but more than likely you guys will be teaching me.

I'd like to thank Andy Leonard for giving me the opportunity to blog here (and the kick in the pants to get started!)

How does the phrase go? Something like, "You have ten years to write your  first blog post and ten minutes to write the second!"